The future of shopping

Access a broad range of services from advanced inventory solutions to billing engines through our API. So that you can provide your products as a service.

SEP® - Subscription Enablement Platform

  • Demand based fullfillment

    Intelligent control over inventory replenishment, helping ensure that sufficient stock is on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum.

  • Manage and track inventory

    SEP® enhances inventory visibility with tracking and control capabilities, across multiple locations, to manage every stage of product lifecycle. Every product is uniquely tagged and tracked.

  • Circular logistics and handling

    At Beleco we do not only understand circular—it’s in the backbone of all systems we design and build. All processes are built to leverage efficient transports and storage.

  • Embedded to your webpage

    SEP® offer a solution towards retailers where they can keep their existing customer journey and place orders through API calls. Data is accessible and fully embeddable.

Engage new customers with our plug and play solution

One platform with endless possibilities

Interested in the solution? We help businesses and ideas of all sizes.

  • Easy onboarding that extends your current business

    SEP® works in parallel with your existing business. As a retailer you have the opportunity to extend your current product catalogue with circular inventory without customers leaving your store.

  • Turn used products into a business

    Our solution is built from ground up to handle inventory where condition change over time. Events that occur during a product lifecycle are tracked and managed. Dynamic pricing options help you get your offer right throughout the product lifecycle.